This is the day where we officially shut down the Moshi Girlz Site.

I am sorry for those who want this site to keep on continuing but the decision has been chosen. First of all, I want to thank all you viewers for supporting, viewing and helping out with my site.  If it wasn’t for the first 200 viewers I got when I started posting this site wouldn’t have gotten any better.

Moshi Girlz is also cancelling 4.0 and we are not bringing it or the site up again. All the work has been deleted and thrown away. Please do not ask anything about it. Seeing the other sites getting higher views that us in just 1 year is pretty disappointing, but I know I have not been posting in a while.

Rocking your socks of since March 10th, 2011 has been such a wonderful time! I did love blogging but life outside of a computer is something more important to focus on! I do have to focus on school and family and even more other things and having a blog is less to care about. I’m sorry if this post upsets you or is even is harmful but it’s all gone anyway.


Posts, pages, widgets, authors and links have all been deleted. They will not come back and will not ever be seen. I hope you enjoyed the time you’ve seen at Moshi Girlz 2013 and enjoyed the fun events. I will not be going on Moshi Monsters anymore but maybe just checking it like 3 times a year! You can add me at Tahmika83 hopefully get into contact with me there.

Hope to post again…